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Championing Civics in Colorado

One of the most memorable moments in Sriram’s (Ram) National Civics Bee® journey was when they announced that he won the title of Colorado state champion. “I was like, wait what? That’s me!” recounted Ram, still beaming with excitement.

An avid follower of current events, Ram is always tuned into the news and is eager to understand the world around him. It’s no surprise that social studies is his favorite subject, as it offers him insights into the ongoing dynamics of the world. “With math and reading, it’s only some cases, but with social studies, it’s always happening,” he shared.

Keeping up with the news helped him as he prepared to compete in the 2023 Colorado state competition of the National Civics Bee® hosted by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. Ram’s entry essay focused on the urgent need for civility in our nation, arguing that it is essential for sustaining a democracy.

When asked why he chose this topic, Ram emphasized that “we need to be able to have healthy discussions with each other.” He echoed this sentiment when he was interviewed by NPR for Northern Colorado for his participation in the Bee.

Entering the competition, Ram had never spoken in front of judges or an audience before. On top of studying, he dedicated time to practicing his speech in front of his parents. Despite initial nerves stepping onto the stage, he soon found his stride, describing the experience as “exhilarating.” Undoubtedly, he is now more equipped to embrace similar opportunities in his future career.

Ram believes that it’s crucial for young people to have an educational background in civics to make informed decisions in life. Encouraged by his involvement with the National Civics Bee®, Ram stated, “I want to continue learning more about civics in our country and how to get involved as a leader in our community.”

Ram is also a vital member of his school’s robotics team, having contributed to building a robot that advanced to the state competition last year. Beyond school, he is also passionate about playing tennis and the piano.

Encouraging his peers to take part in the National Civics Bee®, he declared, “I would say go for it; it’s a really fun experience and you learn a lot of things on the way.”

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