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What Is Civic Time Off?

Civic Time Off is designed to encourage employers to offer paid time off for employees to participate in non-partisan election support activities. In doing so, employers will make it easier for employees to serve in these critical roles and will provide a mechanism for participants to share their experiences with their fellow employees.

By following the 6 steps below, employers can provide paid time off for employees to volunteer in supporting non-partisan election activity.

  1. 1. Decide

    When your business decides to implement Civic Time Off, communicating and engaging with senior leadership to help with the roll-out is critical to setting up the program for success. We’ve gathered resources and templates to help gain support from leadership.

  2. 2. Organize

    Make sure to work with relevant departments across your organization to establish program logistics and formalize policies. Confer with human resources, finance, legal, and communications teams.

  3. 3. Communicate

    Develop a communications plan for the announcement to employees. Start with our templates (link) and consider including a message from the CEO and other senior leaders, internal emails, workplace signage, and more.

  4. 5. Launch

    When your business formally launches Civic Time Off, continuing to promote and develop additional collateral will be key to keep momentum going. Consider incorporating this at company events or external press strategies.

  5. 6. Share

    Join the movement in improving civic engagement among Americans and remember to share the Civic Time Off experience broadly. This may include testimonials from participants, social media posts, and more.

    For businesses that cannot provide Civic Time Off, there are other ways to support poll workers and our elections. Download Four Ways to Support Poll Workers here.

    *The organizations on this website do not constitute endorsements and are listed for the purpose of providing additional resources.