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Civics Forward Event: Civic Education In America

In this episode of Civics Forward, we discussed on the driving forces behind the state of civic education in America and implications for the future of our democracy. We were joined by Hanna Skandera, President and CEO, Daniels Fund, and David Davenport, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, and Senior Fellow, Ashbrook Center.

Here’s how Davenport described one major issue on this topic: “A lot of our civic problems, which people are increasingly recognizing, could be addressed by better civic education. For example, we see a huge loss in trust, especially among young people. Trust in institutions, including government. Trust in leaders, business, government, media, and beyond. A lot of that is because they don’t understand. As you say, how can you trust what you don’t understand? A better understanding of civics is demonstrated to lead to greater trust.”

Watch the full episode here:

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