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Civics Forward Event: Strengthening Democracy

In this episode of Civics Forward, we discussed the dynamics driving the current political culture in the U.S. and the steps we can take in strengthening democracy. John Raidt, non-resident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council and the author of Politics Inc: America’s Troubled Democracy and How to Fix it.

Here’s one important call-to-action to strengthen democracy as John said, “We have to rally around common principles and values, or we’re going to fracture and continue to fracture.”

Key takeaways:

  • Civics dysfunction includes concerning negativity, animosity, and lack of ability to tackle big problems
  • The center ground is the construction zone in functional democracy
  • More diversity of thought is a good thing
  • The business community can play a part in strengthening democracy
  • National attention deficit is a major challenge as we address complex political issues

Watch the full episode here:

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