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Maryland Students Brainstorm Civic Engagement Opportunities To Tackle Infrastructure, Public Health, And More

For a chance to compete in a live competition, middle school students across the state of Maryland submitted essays on civics and important topics including infrastructure, public health, and more. Their civics knowledge and creative ideas certainly impressed and inspired the judges, who selected ten finalists.

The Maryland Chamber Foundation hosted the National Civics Bee® pilot event at Bowie State University on May 7, 2022. The judges panel included Maryland State Board of Education President Clarence Crawford, Maryland State Delegate Anne Kaiser, and Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools Executive Director Deborah Phelps.

Middle schoolers Michael, Gianna, and Jacqueline won the first, second, and third place prizes, respectively. They were tied going into the third and final round. Each student shared a summary of their essay and answered follow up questions from the judges.

Michael tackled Baltimore’s sewage system and focused on how private and public partnerships could work together on solutions for a complex problem, noting the importance of informing citizens and keeping them engaged in the process.

“Generation Z is a very politically involved generation and was a major part of the protests,” he wrote. “Influencing the younger generations can inform new voters of these issues and bring in voters who are about this project. By voting and spreading the word on sewage overflow in Baltimore, city citizens can solve this problem through local government.”

Gianna wrote about educating neighbors on the impact of beavers and the community’s ecosystem. Jacqueline chose to brainstorm opportunities for preventing obesity and improving nutrition through community partnerships.

Learn more about our partner and the host Maryland Chamber Foundation here.

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