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The National Civics Bee® In Kentucky

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation is passionate about civic engagement and education throughout the state. Kentucky is one of six communities partnering with The Civic Trust® to launch our National Civics Bee® this spring.

“When we understand how democracy works, we can make it work better. We hope that the Civics Bee will broaden participation in our civic life and inspire Kentuckians to build on our shared commitment to our values, institutions, schools, economy, and the health of our community,” said Kentucky Chamber Foundation Senior Vice President Beth Davisson.

Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts said, “Growing up, social studies and civics was one of my favorite subjects. It instilled in me a love of government, the process, American democracy, and free enterprise.”

Joe Frazier, Executive Director, Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, called on teachers and educators to make sure the entire state is represented in this competition. He believes, “Getting young people to connect with the issues that impact them will help our state to grow and thrive.”

To enter the National Civics Bee®, students submitted 500-word essays. A panel of judges reviewed the essays and selected ten finalists to compete in the live competition.

Kentucky’s National Civics Bee® is open to the public and will be on Saturday, May 14, at 10:30 am ET at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Learn more here.

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